Week 4 July 19th- July23th

This week we worked on answering our research question: Assuming clousure holds, what trade offs should we consider about the number of sites/visists? To solve this questions we created a simulation using our previous code from week 2 to generate data and manipulate it. Our goal was generating one dataset and reuse it multiple times by changing the number of sites and visits each run. The biggest challenge we encounter was learning how to divide the data while being correctly formatted and without changing it. Originally we created a big dataset with 200 sites and 16 visits. We created a fuction that would patition our data in the following way: 200 sites and 2 visits, 100 sites and 4 visits, 50 sites and 8 visits, 25 sites and 16 visits. At first I thought our 4th model (25 visits and 16 visits) would have the smallest RMSE value for both detection and occupancy. The more recorded visits, the best occupancy models´estimates would be. For my suprise, the results were a bit different. For occupancy, the best model was with 200 sites and 2 visits while for detection the best model was with 100 sites and 4 visits. Our next step is to test wheter this results change when we add more covariates to different models.

Written on July 23, 2021