Week 3 July 12th- July16th

This week my teammate, Demetrius, and I worked on generating data to create occupancy models so we could start getting a bit more understanding on how to deal with data and how to work with the functions included in the Unmarked package. Our goal was to answer the following question: Are the parameters better with 100 sites and 2 visits, or 150 and 3 visits? At first, we were having difficulty trying to make our code to work since every time we would try to run it we would encounter an error, “R Session Aborted- R encounter a fatal error. The session was terminated.” We were able to surpass this error, however we are still not sure what was the cause of it. Once we had our data generated correctly and created our occupancy models, we learned about Root MeanSquare Error(RMSE) and applied it to our models. The smaller the RMSE was, the better estimancy we had. We also wanted to improve our code so we could run it multiple times with different variables without having to change many lines in the code. So we decided to surround our code in a loop. After seing how much we struggle getting this first task to work propery, we discussed about wanting to improve our code a bit more and make it available to others and facilitate struggles they may encounter. Our last task of the week was review one of our mentors, Mark Roth, code where he created an occupancy model using eBird data. This code was similar to what we did during the week, but more complex. By the end of the week, our mentor Professor Hutchinson tols us to think about what topics we were the most interest about to continu working during the rest of the summer.

Written on July 16, 2021